Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day

So this isn't going to be the post where you read about what we did and then think, "Wow, that is truly amazing. I'm not sure I can top that. What an amazing couple." We are on the extremely tight waiting-for-the-real-job valentine's budget this year.

First, for the whole family we got a giant cookie heart, 'cause there just won't be enough sugar going around. Nancy got me the box of Tagalongs as previously mentioned (which I actually finished before today). The kids made their valentines for their classmates, and Autumn - who is always writing and drawing us wonderful notes - made this little valentine for us:

Nancy had a card waiting with my stuff that I found as I went out the door and I sent her an email late last night so it would be at her desk when she arrived this morning. I'll cook dinner, which Nancy will probably have to help so that it it's a real meal, and then we'll watch season 2 of Scrubs by the fire before we go to bed.

Why the not so big deal this year? Some things I go over the top, this year Valentine's just wasn't it. One, we're getting older and have been together for fifteen years; and two, this year we just have bigger stuff cooking right now that takes up a lot of attention.

I say that and then I realize - is there really anything bigger than those relationships that we have? It is so easy to take for granted my loved ones. Nancy and I were just laughing the other night at the Sonic commercial where the husband and wife are enjoying a moment because they were going to wallpaper after that, and they will then yell and scream and "Man is it going to be dark." Aaahhh, the blessings of family...

So, go ahead and show me up - what did you do for Valentine's Day?

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crazykarl7 said...

I was in belgium and left Shayna home alone for Valentine's. Aren't I a great husband?