Friday, February 02, 2007

Podcasts That Are Worthy

I am a podcast junkie, probably listen to them more than I do music. I listen to them in the car, I listen to them while exercising, I listen to them while working around in the yard. I haven't tried while working yet, but maybe that's because I'm usually the one talking (probably others listening at that time on the sly). Here are some of my favorites:

Normal Stuff:
ESPN: PTI (sports stuff)
Knowledge@Wharton (ideas on business and management)
Science Friday (the best science podcast)
AskANinja (when you really just need to know how a ninja would handle it)
Strong Bad Emails (just plain funny)
Great Speeches in History (just started this one)
Princeton University (big variety of interesting topics)

Christian Stuff:
Mars Hill Bible Church (Rob Bell)
Menlo Park Presbyterian Church (John Ortberg)
Mosaic (Erwin McManus)
Napkin Scribbles (Len Sweet)
North Point Ministries (Andy Stanley)
PRCOCCast (Jeff Walling)
Highland Church of Christ (Mike Cope)

I'm always looking for new stuff, let me know what you think is the best out there...

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