Saturday, February 11, 2006

Things I never saw while living in Northern Virginia

Since John has been doing his 'musings' I thought I would add some balance to our page and let those of you that read our page know what the rest of the family is up to.

Periodically I will call my sister and tell her something I've seen here in Abilene that I never experienced while living in Northern Virginia. Life in Abilene, as you can imagine, is quite different that suburbia DC. John, Jonathan, and Hunter got to help one of the ranchers at church catch a calf that had gotten out. The boys spent most of the time trying not to get dirty. Hunter and Jonathan were yelling at the cows from the back of the pick-up: sit, cows, sit! A few weeks ago while trying to park at Wal-mart (yes I go to Wal-Mart quite a bit since moving here. We have a NEW Wal-Mart on the north side of town now!) I had to sit and wait for a very large horse trailer, horses included, to move out of the way so I could park. Can't say I ever had that problem while trying to park at the Chantilly or Burke Wal-Mart.

But this one takes the cake for me (at least so far).
The other day I was driving down a fairly major street (South 1st for those of you that are familiar with Abilene). I was stopped at a light and there crossing the street was a motorized wheel chair. Not such a big deal except for the person 'driving' obviously was on a mission and obviously had something wrong with her leg in that it was stretched out staight in a cast. She had oxygen tanks on the back and there hanging from the outstretched leg was a cathiter bag half full of what cathiter bags collect. We were not in a residential or medical area of town. All I could think of was where could someone in this state possible need to go that she left home in a wheel chair like that? And more importatly what if she crashes, turns over or runs out of battery? Some times I just shake my head and wonder why I am here. Can't say I ever saw that in VA.

Somethings are the same though. Red Robin is here now. Logan's is opening soon. Chuck E. Cheese is back in Abilene after having been gone for several years. And I don't think you guys have Jason's Deli up there (too bad for you).

But, all things considered life is not too bad here. The other day we were stuck in rush hour traffic. It took us 20 min instead of 15 min to get home from the other side of town. It only takes me about 8 min to get to work and only about 6 min to get to church on Wed night. (Sunday's John preaches at a small rural church in Eliasville, TX)

The kids are really happy here. Although we've all been much sicker this past year than we were up there. The Texas indoctrination seems to have lessened a bit. Jonathan and Autumn are doing great in school. Hunter loves pre-school. And we are all looking forward to John's graduation in May.

Have a great week. Miss you all.


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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

A New Age Is Dawning

Musings from John:

I'm filling out graduation forms and comprehensive examination applications and it is starting to hit that my family is heading for something new, again. Of course, there is always some sense of trepidation at starting a new phase, some sense of relief, and certainly some excitement. Perhaps for Nancy and I, the best part has been the reflection as we are entering the mid part of our life. We don't want to just keep on doing what we have been doing just because.

I appreciate the Socratic quote, "The unexamined life is not worth living." Sometimes asking the right questions may be the best counseling we could ever have. Here are some of my favorites, chime in with yours:

Are our activities reflecting the values that we say are most important?
What are we truly teaching our kids by our lifestyle?
Do we see people as the image of God?
Are we saying No to the good things and Yes to the best?


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