Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Do Something About This, Part 5

Revolution, by Barna, p. 35. Regarding family faith:

  • A large majority of churched believers rely upon their church, rather than their family, to train their children to become spiritually mature.
  • In an average month, fewer than one out of every ten churched families worships together outside of a church service; just as few pray together, other than at mealtimes; and the same minimal numbers study the Bible together at home or work together to address the needs of disadvantaged people in their community.
  • The likelihood of a married couple who are born-again churchgoers getting divorced is the same as couples who are not disciples of Jesus.
  • Apart from church-based programs, the typical Christian family spends less than three hours per month in endeavors to jointly develop or apply their faith.
  • Most Christian parents do not believe they are dong a good job at facilitating the spiritual development of their children.
What else is there to say? We aren't even helping the people that we spend the most time around. Why?

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Steve said...

sobering, indeed. thanks for sharing that, john.

(just thought I'd comment to let you know I'm reading!)

vaught_family said...

Thanks, Steve! You know, I had an interesting conversation with some young adults while traveling during the holidays. They say that generally they just don't like to comment, they would rather just take a peek and move on. I was wondering 'cause every once in a while someone will chat with me about something or send me an email, but few pick up the conversation, even to say something controversial. I like blogging but I enjoy even more sitting around a dinner table, at home or out somewhere, and getting to the juicy stuff of life...