Monday, February 05, 2007


It was definitely an entertaining game last night. Something that really caught my eye and I dwelled on for the rest of the evening was something that I think about quite often as a coach of little people, previously a coach of business teams, as a father, and as a voice within the church.

Dungy's, and Lovie's, style of coaching. It is so refreshing to hear about coaches who lead because they are leaders, not through intimidation or loud voices. It was great to hear Dungy express his love for his players and wanting them to do their very best as his own motivation. I think people know that this style is available, but for some reason think that we have to yell or create fear to really get people to do things.

Maybe this is because sometimes we have tried it and people haven't reacted the way that we want them to react. Then the volume and the anger go up a bit until the people (often children) finally move in the direction WE want. Maybe it is a refusal to believe that others may not think our way is best.

This gets into motivation, ours and the people around us. What has been your experience?

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Leann said...

People (read: sports writers) have said more often than not that Tony would never win the Super Bowl because he was too nice and his style of coaching couldn't get it done. Obviously I disagreed, and it's fantastic to know that those critics can finally see that the nice guy finishes first this time.