Thursday, February 15, 2007


I'm trying a few things out with the blog. Maybe you've noticed the different look; sometimes you just need to move things around to find out what you really like and appreciate. Maybe you've noticed the map - I like that it will show where people are visiting from, starting yesterday.

But, as usual when changing things around, something is bound to go haywire (does anyone know what that phrase actually means?).

The expanded posts went crazy like my 4 year old after 5 cookies and lemonade, dancing in all kinds of places that I wasn't expecting. I think I have it fixed, but I'm sure something else will be wacky before too long.

Changes always seem to bring some problems, or on the positive side I suppose you could say that it just brings fresh perspectives on what had become stale. I thought that an interesting practice may be to think about what questions you should ask when going through changes. A few might be:

  • What new opportunities are presented with these changes?
  • How could these changes help me become a better person?
  • What are some blessings in my life that I can now see with more clarity?
Obviously, I'm taking the angle of looking at the changes in a positive way. Difficulty comes when trying to assess a value, so I generally believe that one should look at changes in terms of character and relationships.

So what questions would you ask? Tell me what you have seen when making changes in your life...

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The term haywire means something "poorly equipped or makeshift". Like all good slang (or is it colloquial?) it's origins are hazy.

Harwire is the light wire used in hay bales. We mechanic types usually refer to it as baling wire -- which is also seen as a cheap, quick repair that is not expected to last long.