Monday, February 26, 2007

"The Darkroom Search" - Is love blind?

I'm trying to get my act together this week, so in the meantime enjoy this story from Soren Kierkegaard. What do you think about his question? I think it is a great comment on how we see relationships.

They say that love makes blind, and by this they explain the phenomenon. In case a man going into a dark room to fetch something were to reply to my advice that he carry a light by saying, "The thing I am seeking is only a trifle, therefore I carry no light" - ah, then I could understand him perfectly. On the other hand, when the same man takes me aside and confides in me a mysterious manner that the thing he went to fetch was of the utmost importance, and therefore he could do it blindly - ah, I wonder how my poor mortal head might be able to follow the high flight of this speech. Even if for fear of offending him I might refrain from laughter, as soon as his back was turned I could not help laughing. But at love nobody laughs.

(The Young Man in Stages on Life's Way, p. 51)

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