Tuesday, January 02, 2007


So I hear that resolutions are going out of style, that fewer people these days are actually making resolutions. I imagine some people see it as a sign of being more realistic about their chances of making real, lasting changes, but I see it as a sign of real loss to being human. If change is not possible, if the way things are have no real chance of improving, then you have the idea that you are only being acted upon rather than possessing the chance to change the future, hopefully in a positive way. As Paulo Freire (more on him coming soon) might say, you've gone from a position of being the Subject to the Object, a rather depressing move.

So here are my resolutions for the new year, in the spirit of one who still believes that humanity can be humanizing rather than robotic:

1. Get in better shape
So this one is rather common, maybe even mundane, but I do believe how you treat your body has theological implications.

2. Use more discernment in my relationships
Hey, I don't hear people who are "older" say they wish that they had worked more, or had holed up in a cave by themselves.

3. Live social justice
It's a hot topic right now, but I see far too many people speaking up about it rather than living it. This one may be the hardest of all three. I hope that you will help me think about the implications and sacrifices that may be required...

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