Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A Great Resolution

I was listening to the Dec 31, 2006, sermon from Erwin McManus in which he had one of the greatest New Year's Resolutions that I have heard:

Make a friend with someone crazy.

Meaning, make a friend with someone different than you. Really DIFFERENT. Like, if you are a democrat, find a republican or a green party or whatever, just something different. If you are reserved and shy, find someone outgoing and crazy. If you like movies, find someone who likes the opera.

Expand your world. Don't be boring and only hang out with people just like you who only affirm the ruts that you are making in this journey. Sure, you feel comfortable with them and its easy to hide from your insecurities, but just think about the possibilities it might open in your life.

Here's the best thing that it might do - get you to understand that people can be different and that's ok, that we were created as wonderful individuals that are all equal.

You, and I, need to be able to love people and be inclusive for those that no more deserve it than the fact that they just are. God loves you, and you certainly have your loose-ends.

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crazykarl7 said...

what if you're married to someone really different. Do you still have to make another friend?

vaught_family said...

Carl, you got a point. Shayna's craziness could have a 5 year statute of limitations - after that you really need to find a new crazy friend (while keeping the crazy wife).