Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Dialogue, part 2 of many

Scot McKnight beat me to the table talking about the art of conversation, so rather than trying to beat him I'll just join him. This blog entry is on the ingredients of a good conversation. This is a lost art, and maybe getter lost-er as technology insinuates itself into the cooking.

I would add two items as necessary ingredients to make a great tasting, zesty conversation (to keep the metaphor going):

1. Curiosity
Scot almost mentions this but his ingredients are on the side of what you want to add rather than actually focusing on the person sitting on the couch opposite you sipping their latte. In fact, I think without this interest in learning about the other person, it is really just a stage for you, and that smacks more of performance than conversation.

2. Probing Questions
Curiosity and questions go together like salt and pepper. Good questions show a depth of your own understanding while at the same time learning more about the person across from you. I believe that true wisdom is rarely found in a lecture; it is found in the asking.

What do you believe is needed for a great conversation?

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