Thursday, July 16, 2009

Back Again

I was out for a while because my vocation was in flux. Well, it still is, but I'm itching to get back and write again. Posts will hopefully come at the pace of 2-4 per week.

It certainly helps me to remember and distill ideas as I think through them on this blog, and hopefully and readers that happen to wander this direction will have something to chew on. Look for something tomorrow!

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Odgie said...

Welcome back. looking forward to reading more (or you can e-mail me).

Shayna Willis said...

I am glad you're back! I just realized today that I have forgotten to check blogs pretty much since Sophia was born. Lots to catch up on and think about. And reading one post after another, I thought, "John should write a book."

Can't wait to see you guys!!!