Monday, December 18, 2006

Bad Christmas Ideas, Part 2

Socks and underwear are on the list according to this article:,20089.asp

Now, socks don't bother me that much; occasionally I actually need some new ones. Not the most exciting gift. Underwear should just never be on the Santa list, ever. My nephew actually had a way of publicly humiliating you if you were on the special end of an underwear present.

Josh B is always waiting in special anticipation for the moment. Waiting, searching for the sucker who gets the gift that is not in a box, crumples into your hands, and wallah, yells "LOSER!" as soon as you get it open. Fortunately, he usually gets a pair just so that the Loser tag is spread around.

I have a hard time imagining that special moment when you tear open the paper to find 3 pair of your new undergarments (even if they are boxers with hearts on them), look at your special someone with a sigh and puppy eyes and a "I love you" escaping from your lips.

So what are your "Nice try, but you are terrible at gift giving" moments?

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Anonymous said...

At a church gift exchange, a well-meaning person once got me a copy of a book by the Dalai Lama. Although I tried to be polite, my shock and disinterest slipped through, I think.

crazykarl7 said...

Last year Under Armour underwear was on every christmas wishlist I sent out. It's awesome!

vaught_family said...

Carl, I should have known you would be the one that loves getting underwear for Christmas. This is one of those gifts I really don't want to hear the details.