Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ultimate Leaf Wrestling

I reserve a part of the yard for my kids to find fun things to do with a large pile of leaves. This year they came up with "Ultimate Leaf Wrestling." These are the rules, unchanged from how they wrote them:

Ultimate Leaf Wrestling

1. No choking
2. No holding someone under
3. No pinching
4. No spitting
5. No throwing leaves

How to win:
You have to push an oponent off the pile. You have 3 chances if you fall out by yourself. Last one standing in the pile of leaves wins. (if you run out chances you're out)


Types of Games:
Royal Rumble = free for all
Single match = 1 v 1
Tag Team = 1 v 2 or 2 v 2

Tag team = if you need a rest you tag your partner, or the person out, and they go in. However, if you step out without touching your partner, there is no extra and the other two keep battling.

Single match = normal 1 v 1

Royal Rumble = normal rules but more than two people can be in.

Let the games begin!

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