Wednesday, September 02, 2009


What do you deserve?

The book The Narcissism Epidemic (232) showed a study in which the results were startling - not because you didn't expect them, but for how prevalent they were:

A survey of college students published in 2008 confirmed these perceptions [students now believe they deserve good grades rather than having to earn them]. Two-thirds of students believed their professor should give them special consideration if they explained they were trying hard. One-third believed they deserved at least a B just for attending class. And one-third thought they should be able to reschedule their final exam if it interfered with their vacation plans.
So what do you deserve? And based on what?

It makes you wonder about the correlation between a sense of entitlement and a sense of responsibility. As a parent, I also wonder how you teach your kids that life doesn't come on a silver platter, yet also provide loving gifts. I'm sure there is a balance, yet I think most people believe they are in that middle ground. Maybe if I just explain to my kids that I tried really hard...

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