Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I've loved roundabouts from the time I started driving. They seemed to make sense because when you were at an intersection, many cars could be moving to their destinations whereas at a stop sign only one or two generally go at a time. Many people that I have known over the years don't like them, and some even fear them.

I finally feel vindicated (lately I have to derive some kind of pleasure even from the small things). The pictured roundabout from Laweiplein is a cool one that incorporates cyclists and pedestrians in a high volume area - and was incredibly effective.

From Traffic, (124):

"A properly designed roundabout can reduce delays by up to 65 percent over an intersection with traffic signals or stop signs. Sure, an individual driver who has a green light may fly through a signalized intersection much more quickly than through a roundabout. Roughly half the time, however, the light will not be green; and even if it is green there is often a rolling queue of vehicles just starting up from the previous red."

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