Tuesday, August 05, 2008

What's Your Take On My "Conversation With Stuff"?

In reference to this post, I am providing a list of the stuff that I bought over the last week:

  • breakfast at Panera's with a friend
  • dinner at Bob Evans (chicken-fried steak)
  • a Gameboy Advance used game for my youngest son (in exchange for work that he did)
  • 2 disc golf frisbees (one is tie-die, if that helps)
  • a custard and icee mix at Rita's with the fam
  • dinner at Denny's (I was there for 3 hours late at night finishing a talk; they are one of the few local places that are open 24/7)
  • Dunkin' Donuts on the way to church
  • the book The Thousand Faces Of A Hero
That is pretty much standard fare for purchases. I rarely buy clothes, although I do need to get a pair of jeans. Even when I do that, it is the exact same brand and style that I've been buying for the last two decades.

It could be a little more exciting, like maybe tickets to New Zealand or scuba gear. I am planning on doing sky diving for my birthday, so it's not completely boring. Track your expenses and post them on your blog, if you have one - see what people can deduce about you from your purchases.

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Shayna Willis said...

I see nothing wrong with this list. You bought your one alloted book and ate food with people. I wish I could pare my list down to this. How does this compare to a usual month?

John Vaught said...

It is fairly accurate - although I did just purchase an Iphone, and a few apps for it. So there is the occasional big purchase, like 7 cubic yards of mulch. The pleasures of being a home-owner...