Thursday, July 19, 2007

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I've been out for a bit, but I think I have a good excuse this time. My wife left the kids and I in Pennsylvania and headed back to Texas to finish packing. I know it had to be done, but it still wasn't very nice of her but I'm sure I'll forgive her the moment she walks in the door.

So I've been playing the single dad for the past 11 days, and it has been tough. I've loved the time that I've gotten to spend with the kids, but my schedule is pretty whacky - get computer time for emails and calls, 8:00-9:30a; breakfast and chores, 9:00-10:00a; playtime, plan day, 9:30-10:00a; work at the church, go to a park, eat, run errands, 9:30a-5:00p; try to finish off something whether it's play or work or eat, 3:00-10:00p; actually put together my public speaking stuff, 10:00p- ;worry that I'm missing something, 2:00a-8:00a.

The kids have been great. They have been swapping days to see who works on the kitchen, trash, and laundry (Autumn actually folds the clothes, us boys are lucky to put them in the right room). But so far I consider my job as a the single father a success. Here is my criteria:

House not lit on fire
Underwear not hanging on living room furniture
Color check the fridge - get rid of anything green once a week
House not flooded

We've even set up a system to water the plants - put the brownest one outside until it rains, then wait till another starts to turn brown. The magic to our wonderful system!

Anyway, we will try to keep our sanity until she gets back by

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Shayna Willis said...

By what . . . ?

vaught_family said...


Anonymous said...

Good luck John.

vaught_family said...

It's nice to be missed. :)
See ya soon. N

Ellyn said...

John, john, john--it's amazing what you can accomplish when you have too....i am sure nancy planned this as a way for you to appreciate her more!

she is expecting something very expensive and very pretty when she gets back! :)

Anonymous said...

Your criteria for being a successful single father actually applies to our family even when Camille is around.