Monday, June 11, 2007

Finding New Territory

My daughter and I are in Pennsylvania this week and having a blast. Sunday evening we were in someone's wonderful backyard with a large group singing songs and hanging out, and I was sitting in a chair, watching birds and the clear sky, and thinking: "In Texas, I'd have about 20 mosquitoes on my arm right about now." There are some things I just won't miss...

But I do miss the rest of my family, and we'll miss the good people that we've met and bonded with. Texas will always have a place on my heart, even if it is the bare, dry desert-y part.

Here is my new staff picture page. When I got here, I was told, by more than one person, that I'm better looking than in that picture. I took it as a compliment.

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Shayna Willis said...

Hooray, Pittsburgh! I liked the website for your church, John. I can't wait to visit. Are you preaching on July 1st?

Anonymous said...

John-- we are having a blast having you! The North Hills welcomes you and Autumn! As far as the better looking thing...hmmm.

Kipp, Camille, Caleb and Chloe

David M Manes said...

Hey that's a pretty cool picture. At least it's not a boring regular posed picture.