Friday, March 23, 2007


To do this, I have to review a blog that is reviewing a book. You get a first-hand response to a second-hand observation.

Scot McKnight is reviewing Daryl Tippen's (from Pepperdine U.) book Pilgrim Heart, which discusses confession as a discipline. Since I recently wrote about this, it is one of those lingering electrical sparks that has been zipping back and forth between lobes of my brain.

Check out these three claims:

“the Christian community’s demand for respectability often increases the dishonesty” of not confessing


“A Christian who is not confessional is in peril”


“An unconfessed Christian is an oxymoron” (100)

I like it when somebody lays the smackdown like that. I hope that you can take these phrases to your version of the Christian watercooler and while you are standing there, you say to the next person that walks by, "Hey, guess what I heard today: _______. Can you believe someone said that? What do you think about that?" Or even take it to the secular watercooler; they might be just as fascinated with someone taking it strong to Christians.

At least I hope one or more of those phrases gets under your skin.

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