Saturday, February 11, 2006

Things I never saw while living in Northern Virginia

Since John has been doing his 'musings' I thought I would add some balance to our page and let those of you that read our page know what the rest of the family is up to.

Periodically I will call my sister and tell her something I've seen here in Abilene that I never experienced while living in Northern Virginia. Life in Abilene, as you can imagine, is quite different that suburbia DC. John, Jonathan, and Hunter got to help one of the ranchers at church catch a calf that had gotten out. The boys spent most of the time trying not to get dirty. Hunter and Jonathan were yelling at the cows from the back of the pick-up: sit, cows, sit! A few weeks ago while trying to park at Wal-mart (yes I go to Wal-Mart quite a bit since moving here. We have a NEW Wal-Mart on the north side of town now!) I had to sit and wait for a very large horse trailer, horses included, to move out of the way so I could park. Can't say I ever had that problem while trying to park at the Chantilly or Burke Wal-Mart.

But this one takes the cake for me (at least so far).
The other day I was driving down a fairly major street (South 1st for those of you that are familiar with Abilene). I was stopped at a light and there crossing the street was a motorized wheel chair. Not such a big deal except for the person 'driving' obviously was on a mission and obviously had something wrong with her leg in that it was stretched out staight in a cast. She had oxygen tanks on the back and there hanging from the outstretched leg was a cathiter bag half full of what cathiter bags collect. We were not in a residential or medical area of town. All I could think of was where could someone in this state possible need to go that she left home in a wheel chair like that? And more importatly what if she crashes, turns over or runs out of battery? Some times I just shake my head and wonder why I am here. Can't say I ever saw that in VA.

Somethings are the same though. Red Robin is here now. Logan's is opening soon. Chuck E. Cheese is back in Abilene after having been gone for several years. And I don't think you guys have Jason's Deli up there (too bad for you).

But, all things considered life is not too bad here. The other day we were stuck in rush hour traffic. It took us 20 min instead of 15 min to get home from the other side of town. It only takes me about 8 min to get to work and only about 6 min to get to church on Wed night. (Sunday's John preaches at a small rural church in Eliasville, TX)

The kids are really happy here. Although we've all been much sicker this past year than we were up there. The Texas indoctrination seems to have lessened a bit. Jonathan and Autumn are doing great in school. Hunter loves pre-school. And we are all looking forward to John's graduation in May.

Have a great week. Miss you all.

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buckeyeboy said...

Hey Nancy,

Just thought I'd drop you a note. Things are pretty much the same here in Northern Va. I do get very excited to watch the progress of the mixing bowl. They opened a new "fly-over" last week and Mark and I decided to "try them out" after church last week. Very exciting. On my way to school during the week, I get to watch the progress of the new Woodrow Wilson bridge. It's fun to watch the progress being made (I guess?). Oh and also, beginning today they are actually shutting down 395N to do some more work (I assume) directly over the traffic. I'm sure Mark will report back this week how the progress of the new span is doing.

Other than the foot of snow we received overnight, not much else is new. Well, that's not really true, there's always stuff going on, whether or not you want to listen to it is a different story!!! (ha! ha!)

My trip to San Antonio is still on for the last week in June. I still plan to bring the girls with me. Maybe we can meet and go to SeaWorld? I have a free hotel so we can all have a sleepover!! ha!

I have one more week of school and about 5 papers to write this week. Of course, I've known about the papers since before Christmas, but I've chosen to procrastinate until this week...does this sound like anyone else you know?

Talk to you soon, we really miss you guys and our hanging out...we don't do that with anyone else...really miss you.


Ellyn said...

Now Sheri! You "hang" with me and Lisa on Sundays as you run in to do Kid's worship!!! smile!

Sounds like things are going very well for the Vaught family! Lisa keeps me updated on all of the exciting and nail-biting news that you all get in the paper and on t.v. in the grand metropolis of Abilene. We have a good laugh over it!

Can't wait to see you again!

Shayna Willis said...

Good to hear from you, Nancy! Maybe that person in a wheelchair was going to Wal-mart. Sounds like an interesting place, Texas. Hope Carl and I can get down there before you leave for Brazil.

Jerri H said...

Hey, Nancy! I love the wheelchair story! I was cracking up reading it. I grew up in Texas, so I have experienced everything you mentioned except the woman in the wheelchair! But I can relate. My 83 year old uncle broke his hip in 7--7 places, had 5 screws and a plate placed in his hip, checked himself out of rehab last week and has been driving himself around in his RV doing business! If he didn't have an RV and was in a wheelchair....I think...he'd be out there. Have fun at WALMART. We visited my parents in Lone Wolf, Ok....only a florist, a post office, a bank, a funeral home and 10 churches in that town. We looked forward to our trip to Hobart to WALMART! But there are advantages....the people have time to talk to you! Miss you guys.

Shayna Willis said...


Thanks for the comment on my blog. It made me feel loved. We miss all of you up here. The young adults are feeling the loss more than they would probably ever admit. Maybe we'll make it to Texas this fall.

Miss all of you,

Josh Kellar said...

I would agree, the things you see here will never be seen in VA. Take the Rattlesnake Roundup in Sweetwater. Girls dress up in bedazzled dresses with more makeup than 16 year olds should be wearing. They then compete, I use compete loosly to mean killing, milking and skinning rattlesnakes, to be crowned "Rattlesnake Queen." WOW. Talk about difference!

Mary said...

Yep, I had forgotten some of that charming West Texas culture until we moved back in December. I'm very familiar with the acculturation process. Getting used to the brown is the biggest thing for me! I actually have an article on my blog entitled "You Know You're in West Texas When. . ." You'll have to check it out to see if any of it sounds familiar!