Tuesday, January 10, 2006

More info (but on a lighter side)

Musings from John:

Thought I would just throw up some of my favorite books; I know many people don't read much anymore, but for those that do, I'd love to see your lists:

Life of Pi (a very recent addition)
Catch 22
Lord of the Flies
Ender's Game

Some nonfiction:

Prophetic Imagination
The Divine Conspiracy

Ok, so my list of nonfiction is pretty short. I'm in school and being forced to read so I balk a little at that one.

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Jeff said...

Life of Pi is a good book. And Ender's Game is great too. I suggest the "A Song of Ice and Fire" series to anyone who likes sci fi/fantasy.

Nice to finally find your blog, John.


Ellyn said...

Just an FYI you are linked in my blog page, so hopefully others will find you and your family and offer support and encouragement for the amazing thing you are taking on!

Our payers are with you and hopefully our money too! Can't wait to read more about what's happening. May God be with you as you minister to those in our neighborhood!

crazykarl7 said...

Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy is my favorite fiction.

The Armchair Economist non fiction.

Shayna Willis said...

"Payers"? A little Freudian slip perhaps, Ellyn? :-)

I am currently reading and loving one fiction book, "The Count of Monte Cristo" and one non-fiction book, "The Case for the Creator." Case for the creator is a book that people in school getting their grad degree (like me) don't mind tacking onto to their studies.

SO happy to have found your blog, John! I look forward to reading your profundities. :-)

erinlo said...

JOHN!!! I'm so happy to have found ya'll's blog! (through Shayna)I saw Nancy a couple of months ago at Fairfax when we were also visiting from Texas and she caught me up to speed with what ya'll are doing. I'm so amazed and excited for you. I will look forward to keeping up with ya'll through your blog.

vaught_family said...

It was fantastic to hear from all of you! I am just now getting into the blog thing, still trying to be judicial with my time, yadayada, but looking forward to seeing ya'll's blogs as well.

Shayna Willis said...

Some of our blogs are very spiritual and not a total waste of time. I'll e-mail you whose you can skip. ;-)

Mary said...

Lord of the Flies was one of my favorites that I read in high school. I've only read it that once, but to this day I remember how much I loved it and actually enjoyed writing the paper we had to write about it, too. I know, I'm a freak.